Stephen K. Bannon

Stephen K. Bannon

Stephen K. Bannon


Stephen K. Bannon is the executive chairman of Breitbart News,which if you haven’t heard of it, is a right-wing populist website that formed like some mutant appendage from the deplorable Drudge Report (before his death, Andrew Breitbart was an editor at Drudge, now he rightfully burns in hell). The website has become a cesspool for those who think Fox News is too polite and politically correct. Bannon is an ex-Goldman Sachs banker and he is partial to cargo shorts and flip-flops, if you needed further reason to hate the neanderthal.

Bannon surrounds himself with quality people like Nigel Farage, the leader of Britain’s right-wing UKIP party, and Phil Robertson, the doorag-clad troglodyte who rose to infamy in Duck Dynasty.

Breitbart News is ran out of the basement of Bannon’s Washington D.C. townhouse, infamously dubbed the “Breitbart Embassy.”

In 2012, Bannon became the founding chairman of GAI, headquartered in Tallahassee, which he claims is a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) research organization. The firm has data scientists, lawyers, and sluets digging up stories to feed to mainstream media outlets. After the story gets picked up, Bannon then pivots and spins the story on Breitbart. It’s a tactic he’s called “anchor left, pivot right.”


Breitbart has accused President Obama of “importing more hating Muslims,” said that Planned Parenthood executes babies like the Holocaust killed people, and said that women who have experienced online harassment should just “just log off” and stop “screwing up the internet for men.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a prominent hate-watch group, has also accused Breitbart of explicitly embracing ethno-nationalism. To evidence their claim, they cited a tweet Breitbart sent after a mass killing at a black church in Charleston, S.C., last year that read: “Hoist it high and proud: the confederate flag proclaims a glorious heritage.”

The Anti-Defamation League has also denounced Bannon’s place in the White House, with Jonathan Greenblatt their chief executive saying “We call on President-elect Trump to appoint and nominate Americans committed to the well-being of all our country’s people.” They cite how Bannon has a history of white nationalist ideology that will espouse hateful anti-muslim, and anti-black rhetoric in this country.

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